The Precision Plow for Hand Bookbinding is designed to perform the functions of a traditional bookbinding plow but with more engineering to make it easier to use. The result is a tool which is excellent for general trimming, edition work and for conservation.

Removes glued spines (perfect binding) in a very precise and controlled manner prior to fanning and re-gluing.

Can trim stacks of binders board to identical dimensions for edition work.

The knife can be sharpened in the middle of an edition with no change in the settings or the dimensions of the work.

The Plow will trim a length of 14 inches and will cut a true 90 degree edge on a book as thick as 3-1/2 inches. It will trim as much as 1/4" in a pass.

A diamond hone (included) easily hones the knife without removing it. 2 knives are included.

There is no tendency for the knife to 'climb out' or 'dig in' since the unique design causes the knife to be equally supported at all stages of the cut.

The Precision Plow is heavily built (40lbs.). It is carefully designed to give dependable and accurate results.

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